Why Start a Light Table Now? So you’ll have transplants to play with! [from 4/2011]

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[From 4/2011] How I stayed sane in week of pouring rain…Playing with plants on the light table!

Getting these little guys ready to go in individual paper pots…

And visualizing the future beets and basil and more in this tray above.

Meanwhile, these guys above just need some warm weather and a garden bed that isn’t ‘too wet to plough!’ ( I love that expression even though we do essentially no-till after first breaking ground….but do use a tiller to break ground in order to avoid broken legs and knees!) Am running out of shelf space…send blue skies!

Want to make your own light table for seed starting? Here’s how: http://larrapin.us/?p=194

—A Larrapin Garden. Thanks for reading this “encore” post from April 2011. Newest blog posts are at www.larrapin.us

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