Barn in Winter Sun

Posted on Jan 12, 2009 | 5 comments

One pleasant thing about the erratic weather is that between cold fronts you get the occasional lovely day! Yesterday was in the 50’s and sunny. Perfect for a long walk about the place. Over the fence I can see the neighbors hay barn, show above. I love the way the afternoon sun shines on it in the winter, especially combined with the silver and golden winter grass.

My inner “Garden Clock” started stirring this week. Despite the arrival of the garden catalogs starting in late December, it was quiet. But yesterday I felt the first stirrings of the 2009 gardening season – within anyway! Soon I’ll be getting the monthly garden guide out (Thanks Arkansas Extension Service) and doing the little mental calculations to adjust the suggested dates, which are for Little Rock, to our slightly colder NW Arkansas. If I remember correctly, there’s stuff I can start planting as soon as mid to late February! OK, not much stuff, but a thing or two? I’ll check and let you know…

Thanks for stopping by Larrapin Garden. It’s good to be back.

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  1. two australorps? for me? I’ve been waiting so long. Just let me know when and how we are going to make the transfer. I can’t wait.

  2. Ok, so I’m a little ahead of myself wanting to garden in January! 😉 I’m like a bear wandering out of my den too early, wondering, “hey, isn’t it time to wake up yet?!” Since it’s going down to 4 degrees two nights from now, I’ll content myself with studying the garden catalogs! LOL Thanks everyone, for bringing me to my senses… Tymythy, I’ve got two pretty jet-black hens (Australorps) who are ready to come to your house sometime soon!

  3. Garden Clock? In January? I’m only concerned with not freezing to death while walking my dog and feeding the chickens. And my peppers are still blooming and producing lovely peppers in their pots in the windows. So, I didn’t know there was a Garden clock. lol

  4. My inner gardener is comatose from all the Christmas fudge I ate to sedate it…you would think it would want to get out in the beautiful sunny mid 60’s days we have been having, but no! Just let me sleep a few more days (weeks) it says!

  5. I could swear I left a comment on your roadrunner post… lost in cyber space I guess. Anyway, I’m glad you are back to posting.

    My inner garden is still sleeping as we’ve got a long way to go til spring. Below zero the next couple of days here with a little snow thrown in. It will be interesting to see what you plant in Feb. and how it does. At least someone will be out playing in the dirt. :}