Hundred-Year Snow

Posted on Feb 12, 2011 | Comments Off on Hundred-Year Snow

We’ve had a bit more of snow since I last posted. Here it was 16-18″ with twice that in the drifts. WOW. I’ve never had snow fall into calf-height wellies! It’s apparently a ‘hundred year snow’ in these parts. (I’m concerned that might refer to how long it’s going to take to melt!  But with temps forcasted in the 60’s this weekend…that should do the trick, albeit with a little weather whiplash thrown in!) That’s my car above, clearly not going anywhere soon. To give you a comparision, the picture below is Herald the metal rooster in last week’s snow:

And the one below is THIS week’s snow!

Below is the Larrapin veggies patch in last week’s snow:

And below is this week’s snow:

And finally, below you can see the blue chairs in last week’s snow:

And below, Ada lounging in front of them this week. Ada loves snow, all snow. It’s great to lay in, play in, hide things in and find things there too! She is delighted to have gotten to see a hundred year snow, especially in dog years.

—A Larrapin Garden
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