Mountain Farm—South Toe Valley, Burnsville, North Carolina

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After another disappointing day of homestead hunting last Saturday I headed over to Mountain Farm for the kind of consolation only a dreamy twenty-four acre lavender, blueberry and dairy goat farm on a mountaintop can give. 

See, instantly you stopped feeling sorry about my house hunting didn’t you?


With lavender fields to wander, stunning views, and a cute gift shop full of soaps and tasty treats all made at the farm, it was the perfect distraction.

Then  farm owner Marilyn got home (you could tell because all the goats started bleating loudly) and I had the privilege of tagging along while she moved the girls from one pasture to another.

They were very excited about the new green pasture just beyond the gate and didn’t give a whit that there was a strange goatherd in tow.

Mountain Farm has a variety of goat breeds. The all-white ones were new to me. I believe she said they were Saanens.

It was late in the afternoon and on the other side of the hill the blueberries were starting to fall in shadow. I’ve heard the blueberry harvest is late this year due to the unusually wet, cool spring.

This cute garden gate has rabbit wire behind the branches. Good gates are worth doing right as they are a pleasure every time you use them. Bad gates are the opposite.

Seeing all the lavender with the gravel paths is like waking up in another country, one I haven’t seen yet but would like to visit someday. If you would like to visit Mountain Farm you want to do so soon as I hear the farm may close to the public after this year.  Luckily their products will still be available via Etsy then and now. It’s worth taking a trip soon to see this  magical spot and a pleasure to stroll around in wonder then select your treats from the gift shop. They have a cottage you can rent if you would like to visit the farm, which sits on a ridgetop above the South Toe River with a stunning view of the Black Mountain range, the highest peaks east of the Rockies.  Thanks Marilyn for creating this lovely place and sharing it all these years.

I picked up several goats-milk soaps from the shop to try as well as some fresh chévre.  Mountain Farm is the smallest certified dairy in North Carolina and part of the Western North Carolina Cheese Trail.  (Yes, there’s a cheese trail.)

For this day though, the trail led back to the little rental house near Bakersville for the evening. An evening made better by a sweet, smooth cheese on crackers. I added a little sprinkle of pink salt and basil dried back when I had a garden to call my own….wow good.  Note to self: go back and try the “Smokey Salt” that looked delicious…  Mountain Farm gave me strength to house-hunt another day.


Thanks so much for visiting the blog and tagging along on this farm visit.

More soon,




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  1. What a beautiful article, Leigh. I somehow didn’t notice you were taking pics as we moved the goats. Come over sometime, (Mindy into goats too?) and I’ll show you around the world of backyard goat farming!

    • Thanks Marilyn!! Your mountaintop is such a dreamy place. Would love to learn goats as I hope to have a couple when we find a place. Thanks for the kind words!

  2. This looks delightful!
    I am dreaming of lavender fields…
    Each year we’re adding and learning and growing.
    There is a lavender festival next weekend a couple hours south of us next weekend that I’m really looking forward to visiting.
    Best wishes finding your land.

    • Hi Kimberly and thanks so much for visiting the blog. I never was that crazy about the smell of lavender but it is pretty magical and its growing on me. The soap I got is really great. As for me, I’ll probably have a basil, rosemary, garlic, honey, lemon balm, lemon verbena farm as those are the scents that are my personal catnip. (My Italian blood is showing I guess.) Have fun at your festival!

  3. It was so good to get ur blog! Don’t know if I’ve missed some but didnt realize u had left AR. I’m excited for ur new adventure but will miss ur presence here. I am also from NC, but nearer the coast–Greenville. We spent many summer vacations in the blue ridge area & ur pics brought back fond memories. Sending u the homestead finding fairies! Can’t wait to hear about it!!
    Blessings. Jamie white

    • I appreciate the comment Jamie! It’s been a long while since I posted. Trying to turn over a new leaf. I appreciate all help, fairy and otherwise on this house hunt!

  4. Nice sis!

    • Thanks Sis! Glad you stopped by here. 🙂