The August Babies! (Baby Chicks…)

Posted on Sep 1, 2008 | 3 comments

New Chicks! This is from my accumulated material from early August that I haven’t had time to post. They arrived on the 8th of August as day old chicks. The good news is that three weeks later, they are all still with us. Only bigger, and now in the gangly teenager stage, so let’s stick with the cute pics for now!

The black ones are Black Australorps. I think a glossy black chicken walking around on green grass is lovely to look at (I feel the same about black cows on a green hillside…but we don’t have that much room!) The yellow ones will grow up to be deep red-brown. They are Buckeyes, a rare heritage breed – and the only American chicken developed by a woman back in the late 1800s, in Ohio as you may have guessed. (And these are my new farm project — more about that later…)

Press the play button to see just how cute these little gals are just walking around in their warm box.

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  1. Gail,
    Thanks for stopping by! And thanks for the blog recommendation her chicken set up is lovely. She’s having fun I can tell.

    Skye – good luck with your chicks. They are fun — and habit forming too!

    Thanks again for visiting A Larrapin Garden.


  2. so cute! i am getting chicks in the
    spring and i can’t wait!

  3. So glad you stopped by clay and limestone! My computer is messing up so I missed the video! But I will be back to try it later. Have you been Robin is a new chicken owner and you might enjoy her blog!